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Talent:  The Scott Adair Band . . .
Over the years The Scott Adair Band has always been the cornerstone of my business, Scott Adair Music.   I describe The Scott Adair
as a classic variety dance band.   By that I mean that we offer the classic repertoire in most all styles of popular dance music - ranging
from Ballroom to Rock & Roll – from Beach, Motown and Popular Oldies to Swing and Big Band.   We can also provide ethnic favorites,
seasonal tunes, theme music and other special requests.

The Scott Adair Band performs for large weddings and corporate events at hotels, country clubs and banquet facilities. We also enjoy
performing at smaller venues and for private family events – perhaps an intimate anniversary celebration, a backyard cook out, a family reunion
or a surprise birthday party. We can effectively provide great music for small and large events - music for families and music for corporations,
businesses of all sizes and social organizations of all types.

The Scott Adair Band has the flexibility to expand to a much larger ensemble if necessary for a bigger, brassier sound.  We often reduce the
size of the band down to one or two pieces – sometimes a trio – to provide quiet and elegant music in more intimate settings when dance music
is not a necessity.

We also carry an extensive library of CDs in all styles of music that can be used during intermission either as background music or for
continuous dance music.  It’s like having a DJ and a band all in one package.  Oh and before I forget – we are fully licensed and insured.

here if you are interested in hearing an excellent and comprehensive audio demo of The Scott Adair Band.  If you are interested in
viewing a video of The Scott Adair Band click
here.  This video was filmed a while back. There have been a couple of personnel changes and
some of us don’t have quite as much hair these days (LOL). Nonetheless it is a nicely produced piece that still captures the talent, the essence
and the spirit of The Scott Adair Band.

Our continued success has always been the very careful combination of very talented musicians.  The chemistry between the players has
always been paramount to me.  In addition, the band has always offered a dynamic female vocalist – again a classic touch.

The players are all multi – instrumentalists and vocalists as well – resulting in the most complete mix of musical skills and styles in the area.  
This creates a unique blend and an uncommon versatility.  The combined resume of the band members covers nearly every musical idiom. We
share our collective years of education and experience to meet the demands of any situation.  Our broad spectrum of styles can be tailored to
suit your personal tastes – assuring that the music is always appropriate for your occasion.

The core of the band has always been the five of us.  These talented associates have been with me for quite sometime.  My heartfelt gratitude
goes out to them.  Many thanks to all of you -
Ginger, Jack, Ronnie and Jay.

I offer custom event planning for my clients. Personal consultation is always recommended so that we can meet face to face and build a solid
relationship and build a great program for your event. Follow up is always a good idea to fine tune our plan. At these times we can discuss the
number of musicians necessary as well as specific musical selections, announcements and other considerations.

A satisfied customer is always our goal.
Jay, Ronnie, Ginger, Jack and Scott
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