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Private Lessons . . .
After finishing my studies in Boston I returned to Greensboro NC and quickly established my own teaching practice. I have been able to focus
on private students who have progressed to at least an intermediate level or higher. That enables me to teach what I enjoy most – modern
theory and improvisation (as taught at the Berklee College of Music), advanced reading skills and tone production. Although most of my
students are saxophonists I am able to teach theory and improvisation to other instrumentalists. I have taught students on piano, trumpet, flute,
clarinet and I currently have an adult student who is a wonderful harmonica player who is working on his improvisational skills. I have also
worked with professional singers who are looking to advance their knowledge of chord construction, chord progressions, reading and

My lessons have always been one on one and each lesson is at least an hour or more in duration. At some point I would like to teach theory
and improvisation to small classes of 3-5 students regardless of the instruments they play. That might allow for some fun interaction and some
group playing.

Of the many rewards from teaching that I enjoy include the wonderful relationships and long term friendships with many of my students. I
always felt that I was I was simply a part of the process (a coach so to speak) who could help them move forward from the point at which we
first met. I have enjoyed the pleasure of watching some of my students continue their studies and blossom into first rate professionals.
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A few of my former students have moved to New York NY and perform there.
One of them is a multi woodwind player and a recording musician who works
in Nashville TN. I had a student who is now one of the top sax players in New
Orleans LA and frequently tours with groups from that area. Other students
have sought careers in the academic world - one is currently director of jazz
studies at a college in Indiana. Some decided to stay in Greensboro and
pursue professional music careers here.

I am grateful that I crossed paths with these exceptional people. Our time
together has been at least as enriching to me as it has to them. Again as a
teacher I have always been nothing more than a part of the process but it is
a process that is most rewarding.

I continue teaching today and I welcome students who are motivated and
genuinely interested.
This is one of my favorite methods for teaching
memorization (LOL)