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I returned to Boston, finished school and was lucky enough to land yet another summer long gig on Cape Cod after I graduated. That
was a wonderful golden summer. My girlfriend and I saved enough money to go to Europe in the fall but suddenly there were tough
decisions to be made.  Where was I going to settle in and start building a career?

I narrowed it down to three choices….either stay in Boston or move to the DC area or return to NC. I opted to return to NC and that is a
decision I have never regretted. I got real busy real quick. I started a very gratifying career as a private teacher and I was working with
several bands. One group in particular,
In Time, was a real labor of love with some very talented musician friends. We wrote our own
music and we worked a lot.

I also started playing in
symphony orchestras that backed up major artists and performed in major venues.  From time to time these
orchestras need to import saxophone players for pops concerts and special pieces of music.

One of the best things to come along has been a 20+ year relationship with
The Four Tops and The Temptations.  I have been a
member of the horn section as a sideman and as a leader.  It has been my good fortune to work with The Four Tops at the 1993
Presidential Inaugural as well as
Superbowl XL.  Our horn section also accompanied The Four Tops at the top showrooms in
Las Vegas on numerous occasions.
A bandleader
for the first time
Lounge Lizards
Playing Brazilian Music with Minas
The band at a performance in the park
Those first several years back in NC were a very special and
creative time – to be so young and so busy. I honestly can’t even
remember all of the projects that were happening simultaneously
– a Brazilian jazz group called “Minas” – an original fusion band
called “Dark Door” – a salsa band called “Little Ricky” – and the
ever present “GB” (general business) gigs that really paid the
bills. These were wedding receptions, hotel and country club
gigs, corporate functions and the like.

Essentially I was
teaching, doing some recording and performing
on all four of the saxophones (also some flute and clarinet) as
well as playing piano.  Wow…those were the days.

About two years after I returned to NC I decided to buckle down
and start my own general business dance band and my own
booking agency. That was a major turning point.
The Scott Adair  
Band soon became my #1 project and as a result of our
popularity I was able to book a lot of
other talent To this day The
Scott Adair Band performs for all types of private and corporate
functions and we play a wide variety of music for listening and
dancing for people of all ages.
When I arrived at The Berklee College of Music in Boston I decided to hold off on performing for awhile and dedicate myself to hitting the books
and hitting the horn. That turned out to be a good move because I was able to work a couple of part time jobs close to school without the rigors of
travel and the crazy hours that are always a major factor in the life of a musician.

Therefore I had an illustrious (though brief) career as a dishwasher and as a clerk in the neighborhood liquor store. For better or for worse those
were the last “day gigs” that I ever worked. I particularly enjoyed working at Costello’s Liquors when The Red Sox were in town because Fenway
Park was only a couple of blocks away and the joint was jumpin’.

After a few semesters at Berklee it was time to hit the road again. This time my intention was to test the waters, make some money and return to
Boston to finish school.

That was when I became a bandleader and began booking my own gigs for the first time.  It was my good fortune with the help of my talented
associates to land a summer long gig at a nice hotel on Cape Cod. That was fun and I was getting my feet wet in the world of
band leading.

After that summer on The Cape I came home for awhile and put together a trio that worked for several months in the DC area.  We were bona fide
“Lounge Lizards” but we worked constantly in the hotels up and down the DC Beltway and I was able to set aside enough funds to buy a Chevy
wagon and pay for my last year in school.   That sabbatical from Berklee was my way of seeing if I could make a go of it in this crazy business.
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Scott Adair Music
My Story Continued...
The Scott Adair Band lounging at the Country Club
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Today I still contract engagements for myself and others. I
continue performing with my band and other bands. A current
labor of love is
The Al Neese Jazz Project.  I am still teaching
privately and I continue to record with various artists.

Again I am very grateful and very blessed to be on this journey. I
sincerely thank you for taking the time to look at this website and
to listen to my story.
I have performed with The Tops and Tempts on three national TV broadcasts and one DVD at The Stardust in Las Vegas.   We were their horn
section at Carnegie Hall a few years ago. I am currently called upon to organize horn sections for both groups. It amazes me that the first song   
we learned with CC and The Souls was Ain’t Too Proud to Beg when I was 15 years old and it still gives me chills to play that song on stage with
The Temptations today. Zuwee!

A wonderful adventure was The US Airways Jazz Orchestra during the 1990’s. This was a big band that was sponsored by US Airways to
represent them at functions all over the US, Canada, Europe and Bermuda. Notable engagements include the Congressional Medal of Honor in
1996 for President George H.W. Bush (W’s Daddy) and a USO function in DC honoring Colin Powell.

Another great adventure for me was touring with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.  There is so much history in that organization -  Frank Sinatra
first became a star with the Dorsey Band.   The orchestra had many, many hits during The Big Band Era.  Dorsey died in 1956 and was followed
by a handful of front men.  In 1977 the truly legendary trombonist Buddy Morrow led the band until his death in 2010.   I worked under Buddy's
direction and needless to say it was a priceless experience.